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Generate substantial margins and enjoy recurring revenue each month by providing secure cloud backup and data protection solutions to your customers.

Why partner with ClearYolk?

Recurring monthly revenue

Establish an additional recurring revenue stream by partnering with us. Delight your customers with a premium cloud backup solution, simultaneously boosting your profits.

GDPR Compliant

ClearYolk stands out as one of the very few providers that are GDPR compliant. Your data is encrypted using a 256-bit AES GCM key, known only to you, and securely stored in our UK datacentres.

Initial Seed Back Up Service

Our snapshot service is ideal for large initial backups that cannot be uploaded over the internet. The first backup is transferred to an encrypted USB disk and securely sent to our datacentre for safe import.

One monthly payment

Our adaptable pricing structure is crafted to expand alongside your backup business. Partners incur a single monthly fee to utilize the secure backup platform, with absolutely no upfront costs.

Simple Console

Access your client backup accounts effortlessly through a single, secure management console. Simplify tasks such as adjusting account sizes, enabling or disabling accounts, and generating backup reports with utmost ease.

Based in the UK

Our data centers and knowledgeable 24/7 support team are situated in the UK. As one of the rare online backup providers, we assure you that your data will always remain within the secure confines of the UK.

Partner with us

Become a reseller of Cloud Backup & Data Protection Solutions with ClearYolk

Creating your own backup and data protection service can be prohibitively costly and, more crucially, risky. Our backup partner program eliminates the need for infrastructure investment, offering complete peace of mind as your customer data is consistently and securely protected by our automatic, ISO, and GDPR-compliant solutions. Our cloud backup service leverages multiple vendors, such as Redstor, Veeam, N-Able, Avepoint, and Huntress, all supported by dependable technical support based in the UK.

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    Trusted by Professionals

    “We no longer have to worry about staff leaving or a scenario of accidental or even purposeful deletion of data, because it's all protected. It does what it says on the tin”

    Phil Rigney, Managing Director of Asset Disposal
    Phil Rigney, Managing Director of Asset Disposal

    “The set up was easy, we put our trust in the team at ClearYolk that they would support us, and they did, and continue to do so.”

    Kyra Ings, The Mead Trust
    Kyra Ings, The Mead Trust