Cloud Backup

By integrating cutting-edge UK cloud backup technology with exceptional support and customer service, ClearYolk alleviates the concerns associated with safeguarding your data.

How does cloud backup work?

Cloud backup involves securing your organization’s data through encryption and transmitting it over the internet to a secure offsite location.

Employing cloud backup helps reduce the vulnerability to onsite threats such as fire, flood, hardware issues, user errors, and increasingly common nowadays, ransomware.

Upon configuration on your server or desktop, we have the capability to safeguard files, folders, databases, and complete server images. Your data undergoes encryption using a key known only to you before being securely transmitted to our protected UK data centres.

This process is executed automatically on a daily basis or as frequently as you desire.

Cloud Backup: Protect Your Data Anytime, Anywhere

Automate the backup process and establish regular schedules to ensure uninterrupted data protection without the need for manual intervention.

Safeguard your backups by securely storing them in off-site UK data centers, fortified with robust security measures, shielding your data from potential physical disasters.

Version Control and Point-in-Time Recovery

Effortlessly restore earlier file versions or databases by utilizing the version control and point-in-time recovery features.

Tailor retention policies to adhere to regulatory compliance, legal obligations, and specific data management requirements.


What sort of data can ClearYolk protect?

The ClearYolk cloud backup service provides extensive protection for a diverse range of data. While its primary focus is on securing simple files and folders, it also encompasses VSS-aware databases like MS SQL and Exchange. Moreover, additional databases such as MySQL and PostgreSQL can avail themselves of this protective measure.

VMWare and Hyper-V are part of the systems covered, featuring support for full server backups to significantly reduce recovery time.

Additionally, we specialize in tailoring backup solutions for educational institutions, working closely with systems like the Capita School Information Management System (SIMS).

Cloud server back up

Cloud desktop back up

Microsoft SQL Database Backup


Cloud laptop back up

Why Choose Clear Yolk’s Cloud Backup?

At ClearYolk, we offer state-of-the-art cloud backup solutions designed to protect your essential data. Explore the following compelling reasons to choose us for your cloud backup needs:

Secure and Dependable Data Backup

At ClearYolk, your data is in trustworthy hands. We employ robust encryption protocols and adhere to best practices to ensure the security and integrity of your data during both transit and storage. Our reliable backup infrastructure ensures efficient data backup and facilitates quick restoration when needed.

Efficiency and Scalability

Our cloud backup solutions are crafted for efficiency and scalability. Whether you operate a small business or have enterprise-level data requirements, our flexible backup options can easily scale to meet your needs. With features like incremental backups and intelligent data deduplication, we optimize storage space and minimize backup times.

Simple Data Recovery

Facing accidental deletions or data loss events can be daunting. With BackupVault, recovering your data is straightforward and stress-free. Our user-friendly interface allows easy navigation through backups, enabling you to restore specific files, folders, or complete systems with just a few clicks. Minimize downtime and swiftly resume business operations with our efficient data recovery process.

Compliance and Data Governance

Recognizing the significance of compliance and data governance across diverse industries, ClearYolk helps businesses meet regulatory requirements by providing secure and compliant cloud backup solutions. Rest assured that your data remains protected and aligns with industry standards.

Dedicated Support and Monitoring

At ClearYolk, we are committed to delivering exceptional customer support. Our dedicated team is available to assist you at every stage, from initial setup to continuous monitoring and troubleshooting. We proactively monitor your backups to ensure their success and offer timely assistance should any issues arise.

Reliable Cloud Backup Experience with ClearYolk

Do not compromise the safety and recoverability of your valuable data. Choose ClearYolk for secure, efficient, and scalable cloud backup solutions. Contact us today to discover more about how our services can safeguard your business-critical information.

Our cloud backup solution is secure, fully automated, and offsite. It boasts user-friendliness and demands minimal user intervention. Forget about the hassle of changing tapes or disks – everything operates seamlessly.

With our fully managed UK backup service, we handle all the intricate tasks for you. Additionally, our standard package includes 24-hour telephone and email support, a key reason why customers opt for ClearYolk.

At ClearYolk, we prioritize the utmost privacy and security for your data. Utilizing our secure online backup solution, your data is encrypted on your PC/server with a key known exclusively to you. This encrypted data is then securely transmitted over the Internet to our servers, where it remains encrypted and is readily available for swift restoration. Our state-of-the-art datacentres incorporate numerous physical security measures for enhanced protection.

Online backup pricing can fluctuate significantly based on the provider, your specific requirements, and the fee structures implemented by software providers.

In addition to understanding what’s encompassed in the price, it’s crucial to assess the efficiency of the service, as the allocated backup storage might surpass the agreed capacity sooner than expected. Our business cloud backup plans commence at a modest £20 per month, and the actual cost is determined by your unique data storage needs.

Often, the expense is more budget-friendly than anticipated, and we strongly recommend reaching out to us for a precise quote to align with your specific requirements.

To employ ClearYolkcloud backup, it is necessary to install our backup client on a laptop, desktop, or server. Following this, you can choose the specific data you wish to back up to the cloud and determine the frequency of these backups. Once configured, your backup will run automatically in the background, providing a seamless “set and forget” user experience—requiring attention only when you need it.

Accessing your backup files offers various options. The most common method involves opening the backup client software, navigating to the Restore feature, and selecting a date along with the specific files/folders for restoration.

Alternatively, you can mount a virtual drive on any PC, providing the flexibility to restore data directly from that location.

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