United Kingdom – Greene King


Exploit: Unauthorized website access.
Greene King: Pub retailer and brewer that owns pubs, restaurants, and hotels.

Risk to Small Business: 1.666 = Severe: Hackers gained access to Greene King’s gift card website, which contained sensitive customer information. The company notified the Information Commissioner’s Office about the breach, and they will now have to manage the legal and technological ramifications of lax security standards.

Individual Risk: 2.285 = Severe: Although bank details and payment information were not accessed in the breach, hackers did gain access to customers’ names, email addresses, user IDs, encrypted passwords, addresses, postcodes, and gift card order numbers. Even without collecting payment data, personal information can be extremely valuable on the Dark Web, and it can be used to perpetuate identity theft and other forms of fraud. Anyone impacted by the breach should procure identity monitoring services to protect themselves from these malicious acts.

Customers Impacted: Unknown
How it Could Affect Your Customers’ Business: While a data breach is incredibly devastating for any company, they can begin repairing the damage by providing clear communication and incredible customer service in the wake of the event. When personal information is revealed, the company should provide customers with the services they need to safeguard their credentials and to achieve peace-of-mind.

ClearYolk to the Rescue: Our complete package (with IP monitoring) would have been ideal to help monitor and protect such attacks.


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Service Starter Mid Expert Enterprise
Monitoring Yes Yes Yes Yes
Live Notifications & Reporting Yes Yes Yes Yes
Onboarding Session with our Success Team Yes Yes Yes Yes
Monitor all users (up to XX) 150+
Monitored Domain Yes Yes Yes Yes
Additional Domains No 1 3 5
Personal Email Addresses (Gmail / Icloud etc) No 10 30
Monitored Router IP & Device IP Breach No Yes Yes Yes
Dedicated Account Manager No No Yes Yes
Fully managed Service No No No Yes
Go Phishing No No No Yes
Staff Training No No No Yes
PCM (If paid monthly) £45 £75 £150 N/A
PCM (If paid annually 20% discount) £36 £60 £120 N/A
Annual 20% discount for annual transaction £432 £720 £1440 Call
Annual Saving £180 £180 £360 Call
1 Additional Domain £25 £25 £25
Add Additional 10 Personal Emails £25 £25 £25