Deter Cyberattacks with Data Protection for Small Businesses


Data Protection is an essential part of all business operations and should be at the forefront of everyone’s mind when dealing with sensitive and confidential information, especially data surrounding customers and clients.


As technological advances continue to occur day by day, there are more ways than ever for people to gain access to your private data, which is why you must implement effective data protection and comply with all GDPR regulations to reduce this risk. There are a number of techniques you can deploy to ensure you deter cyberattacks, such as using secure systems like our cloud data backups.


The type of information that you need to secure includes:


– Staff records

– Customer records

– Partnership records

Do small businesses have to comply with GDPR?

A lot of business owners are under the impression that their information is safe, and especially within smaller businesses, the assumption is often that their data isn’t as sought after compared to larger organisations. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth, with smaller businesses often being targeted in the hope that they do not have the correct protocols in place, which is why data protection for small businesses is increasingly important.


General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) came into effect in May 2018 and maps out the key principles, rights, and regulations to follow when processing personal information and controls how confidential data is used and stored by organisations and businesses.

How do small businesses comply with GDPR?

GDPR for small businesses follows the same regulations as GDPR for larger companies, affecting anyone who collects, stores, or processes personal data, with organisations that have less than 250 employees needing to keep internal records around processing activities, showing why data protection for small businesses is vital to remain compliant.


To remain safe from cyberattacks and protect your data, you should complete regular audits to ensure any precautions in place are still secure, with technology changing continuously and new applications becoming available. Additionally, deploying the services of a data protection and recovery specialist will give you the peace of mind that your information is secure and complies with any rules and regulations. 

Here at ClearYolk, our mission is to give fellow organisations, their employees and their customers reassurance and confidence that they are being protected. We offer cloud-native data management and protection, as well as data backup, archiving, and disaster recovery services.

Do small businesses need to pay ICO?

All organisations or sole traders who process personal information need to pay a data protection fee to the ICO, with some businesses being exempt. To comply with GDPR, you will need to pay a yearly fee of between £40-£60, which will vary depending on the size of your business, with larger organisations needing to pay an increased fee of £2,900.


Also, those who pay the fee to the ICO will be put onto the ICO register of fee payers, showing that you care about your customers and are taking precautions to ensure their data remains secure.


The Information Commissioner’s Office, or the ICO, is the UK’s independent body set up to uphold information rights and has carried out many actions to ensure organisations meet their information rights rules and obligations, affecting data protection for small businesses and large corporations.


All data breaches that occur must be reported to the ICO within 72 hours from when first noticed.

Do small companies need a data protection officer?

A data protection officer, also referred to as a DPO, will help to ensure that your business is processing personal data around staff, customers, and any entities involved within its operations in compliance with GDPR and any other data protection rules that may apply.


Small businesses will need to employ a data protection officer if their core operations involve the processing of data on a large scale or if activities involve large-scale and regular monitoring of individuals.

How can a Data Protection Specialist help you?

We strive to help as many businesses as possible and currently supply data protection for small businesses and organisation of all sizes across the UK, with the goal of giving our customers the confidence that they are being protected and that all avenues have been considered.


Our team of professionals are experts in all aspects of data protection, from data backups to disaster recovery, and will ensure you remain safe and compliant. Don’t hesitate to contact us and take action to protect your data!

Call us for free on 0800 3688 977 or get in touch online now.

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Service Starter Mid Expert Enterprise
Monitoring Yes Yes Yes Yes
Live Notifications & Reporting Yes Yes Yes Yes
Onboarding Session with our Success Team Yes Yes Yes Yes
Monitor all users (up to XX) 150+
Monitored Domain Yes Yes Yes Yes
Additional Domains No 1 3 5
Personal Email Addresses (Gmail / Icloud etc) No 10 30
Monitored Router IP & Device IP Breach No Yes Yes Yes
Dedicated Account Manager No No Yes Yes
Fully managed Service No No No Yes
Go Phishing No No No Yes
Staff Training No No No Yes
PCM (If paid monthly) £45 £75 £150 N/A
PCM (If paid annually 20% discount) £36 £60 £120 N/A
Annual 20% discount for annual transaction £432 £720 £1440 Call
Annual Saving £180 £180 £360 Call
1 Additional Domain £25 £25 £25
Add Additional 10 Personal Emails £25 £25 £25