Minimise Downtime and Stay Operational with Data Backup


Cyber attacks are on the rise, with about 75% of organisations having experienced a cyberattack in the past three years, up from 60% last year. Therefore, cyber-attacks are a severe threat to companies that you must take very seriously. That being said, cyber attacks aren’t the only ways businesses can experience operational downtime, with other reasons being physical damage, technical glitches, network outage or natural disaster. 


Not only can these result in extreme business issues, but they can also result in corruption or data loss – but what can be done to prevent it or reduce the damage it poses?

Business Downtime and data backup solutions

No matter the size of your business, your data is crucial and losing it could result in detrimental downtime or reduced operation for a significant amount of time. A data backup is the best solution for businesses to keep operational downtime to a minimum through an effective and tested disaster recovery plan


At ClearYolk, we offer quick and easy data recovery to get your company back on its feet at lightning speed. It works by utilising smart data backups of your crucial business data through physical, virtual or cloud-based saves so it can be protected and accessed and a moment’s notice. 


When backing up your business data, start by identifying what data needs backing up. This will typically be information that the business cannot run without. Normal backup data will comprise of the necessary data for employees to continue work as usual, including operating systems, documents, configuration files, media/imagery and more.


Some solutions even mean you’ll not need to wait for your data to be recovered before you can access it. You’ll get on-demand access to the data you need when you need it through streamed recoveries. Having your data backed up means you can have peace of mind that you’ll always be able to keep yourself open for business.

What are the benefits of a backup solution for a small business?

When dealing with sensitive customer or employee data, it is your responsibility to ensure that it is protected. The company must take specific steps to protect the privacy of employees and clients, so investing in a backup solution is an ideal way to adhere to government legislation and build trust with your customers.


A data backup solution will also allow businesses to cut primary storage costs by offloading data to the cloud with policy-driven, automated archiving. This will keep your data off of physical sites reducing your risk of loss in the case of a disaster.


Backup solutions are often cost-effective, saving more money than they cost to use with the ability to remain operational and have no drop in sales. As well as this, they are very user-friendly and can be highly customised in order to best fit your individual needs.

Protect your Business from downtime

There are many reasons why data could be lost, including corruption, theft, and physical damage. While unlikely, it is best to prepare for the worst to put yourself in the best position to get back up and running as soon as possible.  


Pick up where you left off, and rest assured that your time can be better spent focusing on your business growth by using a data backup and recovery plan today. Get in touch with a member of our team to discuss your business needs and see how we can help you mitigate the risk of downtime and keep your business running as optimally as possible. 

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Service Starter Mid Expert Enterprise
Monitoring Yes Yes Yes Yes
Live Notifications & Reporting Yes Yes Yes Yes
Onboarding Session with our Success Team Yes Yes Yes Yes
Monitor all users (up to XX) 150+
Monitored Domain Yes Yes Yes Yes
Additional Domains No 1 3 5
Personal Email Addresses (Gmail / Icloud etc) No 10 30
Monitored Router IP & Device IP Breach No Yes Yes Yes
Dedicated Account Manager No No Yes Yes
Fully managed Service No No No Yes
Go Phishing No No No Yes
Staff Training No No No Yes
PCM (If paid monthly) £45 £75 £150 N/A
PCM (If paid annually 20% discount) £36 £60 £120 N/A
Annual 20% discount for annual transaction £432 £720 £1440 Call
Annual Saving £180 £180 £360 Call
1 Additional Domain £25 £25 £25
Add Additional 10 Personal Emails £25 £25 £25