United Kingdom- The Institute for Statecraft


The Institute for Statecraft: Charity established to counter Russian disinformation.

Risk to Small Business: 2 = Severe: The UK charity that received government funding to combat Russian disinformation was hacked and is now being investigated by the National Crime Agency (NCA). All website content was temporarily removed from the site, but the organization plans to relaunch shortly.

Individual Risk: 2.714 = Moderate: Although there is no evidence that the personal information of individuals was directly impacted, this type of hack has many implications for the public. Citizens must avoid falling prey to disinformation by validating sources and staying cyber-vigilant.

Customers Impacted: N/A
How it Could Affect Your Customers’ Business: Organizations that operate in the nonprofit sector are not exempt from data breaches. As hackers begin to turn their sights toward information that is the most valuable and least protected, IT security teams must understand the gravity of leaving data exposed.

ClearYolk to the Rescue: We provide the tools to help end-users recognize when there is risk and raise their general awareness so they can bolster a company’s defences.


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Service Starter Mid Expert Enterprise
Monitoring Yes Yes Yes Yes
Live Notifications & Reporting Yes Yes Yes Yes
Onboarding Session with our Success Team Yes Yes Yes Yes
Monitor all users (up to XX) 150+
Monitored Domain Yes Yes Yes Yes
Additional Domains No 1 3 5
Personal Email Addresses (Gmail / Icloud etc) No 10 30
Monitored Router IP & Device IP Breach No Yes Yes Yes
Dedicated Account Manager No No Yes Yes
Fully managed Service No No No Yes
Go Phishing No No No Yes
Staff Training No No No Yes
PCM (If paid monthly) £45 £75 £150 N/A
PCM (If paid annually 20% discount) £36 £60 £120 N/A
Annual 20% discount for annual transaction £432 £720 £1440 Call
Annual Saving £180 £180 £360 Call
1 Additional Domain £25 £25 £25
Add Additional 10 Personal Emails £25 £25 £25