Scotland – Royal Bank of Scotland


Exploit: Faulty security product.
Royal Bank of Scotland: Retail banking company in Scotland.

Risk to Small Business: 2 = Severe: After RBS group provided its business banking customers with free software, it was discovered that the product had a major security flaw. Attackers could have exploited the glitch to access and gain complete control of user computers, allowing them to view emails, internet history, and bank details. The patch was fixed, and the company explained that it should only affect Natwest customers, but such an incident could easily spook any clientele.

Individual Risk: 2.428 = Severe: It is unlikely that attackers were able to take advantage of the compromise since the company was able to immediately patch the flaw once it was discovered. Nevertheless, patrons of the bank should monitor their financial statements for suspicious activity.

Customers Impacted: Around 50,000 customers
How it Could Affect Your Customers’ Business: This incident serves as a great example of why rapid detection is so important to preventing breach. Since the compromise was uncovered by security researchers, the company was able to make changes in the nick of time. By leveraging advanced monitoring tools that can proactively search the Dark Web for customer and employee data, security providers and businesses can be more confident in their solutions.

ClearYolk to the Rescue: Dark Web ID can monitor the Dark Web and find out if your employee or customers data has been compromised. We work with MSSPs to strengthen their security suite by offering industry-leading detection.

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Service Starter Mid Expert Enterprise
Monitoring Yes Yes Yes Yes
Live Notifications & Reporting Yes Yes Yes Yes
Onboarding Session with our Success Team Yes Yes Yes Yes
Monitor all users (up to XX) 150+
Monitored Domain Yes Yes Yes Yes
Additional Domains No 1 3 5
Personal Email Addresses (Gmail / Icloud etc) No 10 30
Monitored Router IP & Device IP Breach No Yes Yes Yes
Dedicated Account Manager No No Yes Yes
Fully managed Service No No No Yes
Go Phishing No No No Yes
Staff Training No No No Yes
PCM (If paid monthly) £45 £75 £150 N/A
PCM (If paid annually 20% discount) £36 £60 £120 N/A
Annual 20% discount for annual transaction £432 £720 £1440 Call
Annual Saving £180 £180 £360 Call
1 Additional Domain £25 £25 £25
Add Additional 10 Personal Emails £25 £25 £25